Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Spam the crap out of Facebook

Maya is giving $1.00 to Mturkers who 'like' 50 highly followed money related pages on Facebook, then write on the page's wall about how great her money making idea is. Apparently she knows how you can earn $150.00 a day from Facebook (ed - buy a *lot* of Facebook shares?)
Going to the Facebook page in question, it gives a link to a 'free book' on how to earn all this lovely, easy money. Clicking on the link instead sends you to a Facebook app that requests permission to basically completely take over your Facebook account. I conservatively decided against seeing what might happen if I allowed it.....
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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

set up 100 Facebook accounts (in 15 minutes?)

Jeremy Levitan is offering a massive £105.00 to Mturkers who set up 100 separate Yahoo! e-mail addresses, using them to open Facebook accounts, then 'like'

$105.00 is a lot of money, and you could probably complete this HIT in a few hours if you really wanted to. The problem is however, that Jeremy is only giving 15 minutes for Mturkers to complete the task.

Maybe this is a mistake? Or maybe Mturkers who've not paid any attention to the duration of the task will spend ages setting up account after account and 'liking' his page, before going to submit the HIT and realising that they've ran out of time and have had the HIT rejected? Which of course means Jeremy Levitan doesn't have to pay them any money?

UPDATE! Had the following reply in the comments:

"I am the owner of BoardReviews and I did not add this to MTurk or ask for this. A friend of mine just sent me the link and I have no clue why someone would buy fans for my site."

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Note all the new picture-less Facebook accounts on the 'like' list, wonder how many got their hundred bucks?

Monday, 17 January 2011

Give us your credit card number so we can *test* our billing system......

A tempting $5.00 is mine if I help Jimmy Muffet test his online billing system. All I need to do is give my name, address, phone number and credit card details (including security code). He promises me I won't be charged a penny.

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Friday, 14 January 2011

more about

A few posts ago I speculated that some of the reviews on might not be entirely genuine, well, here's a task giving you to a link, offering a $3.00 for ten quick four or five star reviews, I wonder where leads to?

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Saturday, 8 January 2011

tell your friends about some rubbish jobs site

I'd never heard of 'StumbleUpon' before but apparently it's some sort of Facebook type social network where you can recommend cool websites to your friends. On Mechanical Turk will pay you $.0.05 to 'stumble upon' their jobs site. I had a quick look at Beach Front Jobs and the first advert I read through said the applicant had to be willing to "support oneself without a salary for a period of 90 days" - I wonder if those 90 days would coincide with the peak season before a gentle foxtrot oscar  at the end?
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Friday, 7 January 2011

put some more spam on craigslist

In a bid to hinder anyone trying to flood Craigslist with spam, the listing site has a system where if you want to post certain types of ad you need to give a US telephone number, so they can text you a confirmation code. Sounds like a good idea really, except have found a way past that, they're giving Mturkers $0.50 to do it for them!
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tell your friends how much you like

Lior certainly is a generous chap, in exchange for 'liking' Kitchen Stools Direct on Facebook, he'll pay you a whopping $2.00.* But these really are great kitchen stools, after all they all seem to have very good reviews on the site.... (I wonder who wrote those?)

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*Full Disclosure: I took this HIT with a fake fb account I set up ages ago with the intention of doing some general mischief. Sorry, but it was $2.00! I've scrubbed the time from this screen print to help hide my identity.

Open a spam account on Hotmail

I wonder what what Kermit Welda wants with two and a half thousand Hotmail accounts? Whatever it is, for $0.05 you can help him (him? is Kermit an actual mans name?) get there. 

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first post

Hi there, firstly, for the record I do think that Amazon Mechanical Turk is a great idea and is no doubt very rewarding for a lot of its users.

However, there is also a lot of pretty immoral stuff on Mturk. That's what this blog is about.