Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Spam the crap out of Facebook

Maya is giving $1.00 to Mturkers who 'like' 50 highly followed money related pages on Facebook, then write on the page's wall about how great her money making idea is. Apparently she knows how you can earn $150.00 a day from Facebook (ed - buy a *lot* of Facebook shares?)
Going to the Facebook page in question, it gives a link to a 'free book' on how to earn all this lovely, easy money. Clicking on the link instead sends you to a Facebook app that requests permission to basically completely take over your Facebook account. I conservatively decided against seeing what might happen if I allowed it.....
Click on the images to see in full size.


  1. Great blog with a great title and some great posts! I share your anti-spam sentiments. If anything, Microworkers is even worse than MTurk for scammers and spammers!


  2. Love the name of your blog, I find it interesting because I too write about amazon mechanical turk (mturk) here: